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Coaching through Movement

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Tanja Bogataj Coaching
Hrastje 9
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About the session:

- online (via zoom or skype), standing or seating

- intro coaching part

- connecting mind, body, spirit

- wrap up with meditation

Recommended for everyone who's interested in getting more clarity, learning how to connect better with their body, mind and sprit, wishing for relaxation and lifting up their energy. 

With #bepowerfulandfree Coaching through Movement you’ll empower your mind, body, and energy, establish powerful connection between mind and body, and create a resilient support system for your wellbeing, fulfillment and success in personal endevours. Coaching is a process that brings us from the current state to the desired state. Through various exercises, you will become aware of your patterns of thinking, feeling and acting, individually and in a group, and learn how to make positive changes. 1 session is 40 min

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